Our Core Value

Core Values

The core foundation of our school Is Taqwa or God Consciousness Our teachers, parents and children share a vision to be sensitive towards every act as each will be judged.

To achieve Taqwa for successful living in this life and the Hereafter we have focused on certain core values.


Stand up for what we believe.

Be honest with ourselves and others.

Demonstrate fairness in our judgments and actions.


Develop the capacity to forgive others and ourselves.

Celebrate the contributions of others.

Promote a peaceful, caring and safe community.


Take ownership of our behaviour as individuals.

Demonstrate problem solving and decision-making skills.

Be reliable and trustworthy.


Accept Limitations of oneself and others.

Be grateful to what is available.

Give way to others.


Find positive way to contribute to the broader community.

Share time and talent with other.

Take an active role in service opportunityin the school and community.


Uphold and provide a safe and learning environment.

Maintain a positive school culture

Closely monitor and upgrade ones approach regularly


Strive to become leaders necessary to realize educational excellence.

Establish clear visions and work towards them as a team.

Work in a purposeful and resourceful ways to learn and improve constantly.


Believe in the inherent dignity of all people

Value and appreciate diversity

Honour self and others through words and actions

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