Five Pillars

Five Pillars


We are inspired by the Qur’an and Sunnah and have designed developmentally appropriate curriculum and effective teaching practices with ISLAM at the center of scholastic and co-scholastic areas. We have designed print rich Islamic environment conducive to goals of our School. In accordance with the Islamic concept of Ihsan (excellence), Al-Kauthar has set rigorous expectations for quality work, achievement and character development.


We believe excellent teachers are the foundation for excellent schools. We recruit teachers not only for their academic excellence but their commitment to bring a positive change in the condition of Muslim society.


We believe that parents and teachers must work in unison for improving student performance and Akhlaq (character). Al-Kauthar has made PTC attendance mandatory for parents. We hold monthly workshops for parents to inform and educate them on topics such as child development, positive discipline techniques, nutrition for children or any challenge faced by the parents


CCE is a system of assessment put forward by the CBSE for primary and secondary schools. However seeing the effectiveness of the model we have adapted CCE pattern right from the play group years. The children are taught and assessed weekly in a play way method for the concepts taught as well as for social, emotional, creative, physical and Islamic development.


We are selecting a variety of teaching and learning approaches that will place a high priority on developing students' critical thinking and problem-solving skills and engage them in high level tasks that connect them with real world audiences and problems.

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