Purpose of an Islamic School

Purpose of an Islamic School

“O you who believe! Save yourselves and your families from a Fire (Hell) whose fuel is people and stones” – Surah Tehreem: 66, Ayah:6

We try to fulfill all the needs of our children and provide them the best of food, clothing and shelter. To give them the best education, so that they may become “successful” individuals, we admit them to the “best” of schools.

Will our children be successful in both the Duniya (present world) and the Akhirah (life after death) by attending these “best schools”?

For example, in most of these “best schools” our children are forced to say prayers which have words full of “Shirk”. We have to admit that many things taught in these schools will neither benefit us in this life nor in the HereAfter but infact may harm the “Eemaan” and “Aqeedah” of our innocent children.

There is very little time for parents to impart Islamic Education and undo the wrong things that have been taught. Children spend most of their productive time in school. If we send them to an Un-Islamic environment, it is possible that despite our best efforts at home, our children may get affected and influenced right in front of our very own eyes !

The Purpose of an Islamic School is to impart a balanced system of education comprising of Academic and Islamic Studies. This will provide the Muslim students with a morally Islamic atmosphere turning the peer pressure in favour of Islam rather than against it. A full time Islamic school would integrate secular sciences with religious sciences – science will become not only a servant of man but also a means of serving Allah, subhaanahu wa ta’aala.

Same level of education with Islamic Studies as a subject

Presence of Islamic environment

Freedom of being a Muslim

Learning to read the Holy Qur’an

Learning Arabic Language

Building a good Character

Preserving their identity.

A safe place where you can trust individuals

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