Vision & Mission

Aims & Objectives

To provide students with a broad and balanced education in a caring, safe and a well-ordered Islamic environment for children to develop their academic skills and Islamic values.

Educate students with the teachings of Islam in accordance with the Qur’an and Sunnah to instill within themselves knowledge, self esteem, wisdom and self confidence.

To instill ‘Tarbiyat’ by teaching them the basis of Aqaaid (Creed), Ibadah (Worship), Akhlaaq (Manners), Deeni Taleem (Knowledge) and Mua’sharah (Community Relation) so that they will grow up to be balanced, pious, upright individuals.

To acquire a moral attitude towards life by having Taqwa (God Consciousness) in all their affairs and transactions.

To help students pursue excellence in education to develop compassion, intellect and integrity.

To provide a rich and rewarding environment, necessary for the development of pupil’s thoughts, habits and identity.

To nurture the natural abilities and potentials in children with the philosophy “Teach me to do things on my own”, for it is only this way that we create a better adult.

To ensure they enjoy the life at school and develop a love for learning and a strong desire to continue their education.

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Vision and Mission

Our vision is inspired by current educational research and best teaching practices that have been outlined by the CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) and IIE (Islamic Integration Education) models.


The School envisions and works towards the day when Islamic schools will be the preferred centers for learning and leadership that nurture and encourage the next generation of Muslims to develop their innate talents in the pursuance of academic excellence.


To inculcate values in daily living through the knowledge of the Qur'an and Sunnah. Nurturing Islamic values in children to promote understanding of our identity as Muslims and appreciating the multicultural society as citizens of India.